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we are PQB communication designers —

passionate about design, driven by
 insight memorability purpose results


Before taking action, stop for a second. Look around. Analyze. Breathe in your surroundings. Now, share in our train of thought — everything around us is design. Be it nature, or human created, we are surrounded by design. You may not think it, but it influences your everyday life, your everyday business, your everyday thoughts and feelings.

For us, it’s not just about delivering an eye-pleasing product, but mixing the best design with function and perception. We breathe, sleep and dream of beautiful, meaningful and purposeful design projects and we can’t wait to put this to good use. For you, your business, the future.

we design

We tackle each project just like you tackle your business — using insights and market analysis, adding flair, inspiration, passion and commitment. Between our team’s dedication and skills, we know the job is always on the path to inspire.

Passionate about design, driven by memorability

A poster is not just something pretty, a magazine is not just a means of information, an infographic is not just something that presents info. You get the jist! Every design project needs a purpose, every project has a deeper meaning, every communication material has to deliver something beyond the actual content. With us, it’s concept and design, mixing to achieve clear objectives.

Passionate about design, driven by purpose

We approach each scenario from the customer perspective, for the ultimate digital experience. We put the web to good use, always adding a pinch of emotion — this makes hearts pound without even knowing why. By carefully balancing UX, UI and technology stacks, we deliver a mix which will help transform a passion project into a productive business.

Passionate about design, driven by results

they chose us

we did these

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    …and they said

    let’s create something beautiful together!